The clicker is introduced! We continue the daily rides in the car. Potty training begins, regardless of weather they are outside many times each day. At this time we also introduce them to other dogs in the same family.

The puppies continue to learn something new every day. They are meeting new people and seeing new places at a lightning fast pace. We introduce them to balance equipment among other things to help with body awareness and coordination.

The puppies are starting to look like little dogs! With their eyes and ears opening, this is when the fun begins. We introduce new and different surfaces to lay and walk on throughout the house and introduce some small and appropriate puppy toys which are rotated daily. We begin daily rides in the van with mom now!

The Seventh Week:

The Fifth Week:

What is special about our dogs?

The Second Week:

As we continue the clicker training, this week is when we start the trick training. Through basic clicker shaping we start teaching sit, down, spin, target along with other tricks. Each pup will start getting alone time in a crate every day, supplied with a stuffed kong.

The work to make your new puppy the best he/she can be starts at day 1 for Caradoc Kennel pups! Here is a glimpse of what goes into raising rockstars!

This week we begin to visit other homes and businesses with the puppies. We have different field trips 3-4 days per week. Pups are taken individually to different places in our home and outside. They continue meeting new people (20-30 per week) and they start eating meals/snacks in a crate.

How do we take these litter photos? Here's a behind the scenes look...

This is when we complete the temperament testing of the litter. Although at this point we have an idea of the puppies' personality, this helps us identify what lifestyle would be best for each individual.

The Sixth Week:

The Forth Week:

Welcome to the world! From day one, we start early neurological stimulation. Research shows that these specific exercises give puppies what the need to be superior and to give them a head start. (See Breeding Better Dogs - Dr Carmen Battaglia for more information). The puppies are held and loved on by different family members throughout the day.

The First Week:

This is the week of the structural evaluations. We enjoy getting an outside, unbiased opinion on each of the puppies so that we can further our breeding program. At this time, also, if the puppies haven't gone to their new homes at 9 weeks, they hit the road with us to the dogs shows and trials that we are attending! 

The Eighth Week:

The Third Week: